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The Return


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Author Topic: The Return  (Read 4352 times)

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The Return
« on: October 05, 2007, 09:16:07 PM »
Well for better or for worse I have decided to bring the site back.

Hopefully the new look will encourage some genuine and fruitful discussion.

If you are here you will already have noticed some changes and as you get into the board you will notice more. There are more options with this software - for the user and the controller.
Attachments are now possible! But PLEASE don't go overboard - there is a limited amount of bandwidth available on the budget that this board runs on.
Hopefully the spammers will find it a bit more difficult to find their way onto the members list and I now have new means to stop them coming back.

The transfer of the old threads involved a few late nights and a few more grey hairs but I think 99.9% of the info has successfully made the transition. Part of the 0.1% that didn't is the fact that the first character of everyones signature has disappeared!

Everyone who is already a member will need to go and modify their signature to correct it - how about well you are there make sure you include your name as requested in the original post in this forum way back when I started it the first time.

As a few people pointed out in the last edition I could do with a few moderators, if you think you are up for the job let me know, it doesn't have to be for the whole forum just for individual boards is fine - but it will require checking in at least every day and being able to see both sides of any discussion.

For those that were linking direct to the board - your old link will still take you to the 'out of action' notice for the old software, and very soon will become a non-existant link - the new link you want is -

Finally if you see any problems in the structure of the site let me know, after a quick look everything seems to be OK but I'm a bit frazzled at the time of writng so something may have slipped by.
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