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more news from Canada


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Author Topic: more news from Canada  (Read 1972 times)

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more news from Canada
« on: August 17, 2012, 05:28:24 PM »
A few lines from afar.

Hi Family and Friends,
It’s with great excitement I share with you a couple of photos of my latest design and build project. Yes, it doesn’t take much does it? Yesterday Jan and Barry came over to help me critique the fairness of the plug. This was the perfect task for them because they enjoy giving me a jab whenever they can. Jan made a cardboards template of one side of the transom so we could make the other side the same. Barry sat jut back from the transom and pointed out the lows while Jan and I looked from the side. I gave Jan a pencil and told him to go wild. I then gave him a putty knife, spatula and a bucket of mud to fair in those lows.
FYI there was an error when the foam plug was milled in 2 stages. Sine I insisted on a male mould Neil had to take the plug off the table and turn it over to mill the other side and in doing so, he didn’t quite get it exactly in the same spot. The boat’s beam was 6 mm narrower (3 mm on each side) than the design. There was a goods side to this happening as it allowed me to change the design slightly making the aft section more rounded which will hopefully provide better light air performance (less wetted surface area). I took a page from Graham Herbert’s book having a very narrow and rounded hull shape.
I must also thank pro designer Ian Vickers for answering a few of my not-so-technical design questions. It’s great when a guy busy with the Americas Cup can take some time out to help one of the peons. Thanks Ian!
Today Bob helped me (he worked/I watched and babbled) do the 2nd to last sanding on the plug before it gets its coat of fiberglass and the 2nd float test. I’m glad to report we increased the lateral profile enough aft to bring the centre of lateral resistance back to where it should have been.  This corrected an error I made in the design and fortunately found out early enough to fix. What’s the saying “what doesn’t kill you only makes you better?”
Today in the mail I receive a nice big cheque from a friend of the person who bought Nemo in Calgary. He’s buying both Porky Pig 1 (black hull) and No. 2 (pink and silver hull). I needed to make more room in my wall mount to carry PP3, SKA, PP4 and the Lintel whenever it shows up. The money will cover the equipment and sails for the next boat and a little more to boot. I guess I owe bob and R a dividends lunch for their slave labour. You guys set the day and time, my treat.
Yesterday I got confirmation of the dates for a few IOM regattas in and around San Francisco next summer. It seems they liked my suggestion a few months back of having an IOM regatta right after the Americas Cup is decided. I thought it would be a great way to get some more high-profile sailors into the IOM class and give the pros a chance to race solo and for total fun. Thanks to Gary Boell for finding my entourage and I a spectator boat to view the Americas Cup races.
Enough babbling. Just thought you might be interested in my passion of designing, building and sailing my ‘toy’ boats.
unless otherwise stated views are my own.
bob Atkinson rtd