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Canada news


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Canada news
« on: November 24, 2012, 05:11:00 PM »
 Friends and Family,
A very exciting day for me in 2 ways so itís time for another personal update. First and most important Iíve invented a new clothing garment that will make my and more importantly, Raewynís life way better! Without going into details Iíve struggled for years trying to prevent me from peeing my pants. Iíve tried a catheter which brought a whole new set of problems. The garment is an old pair of fleece pants with the butt cut out, the leg shortened to just above my knees and the backs removed. The best name I can come up with is a Ďgroin shawlí. Can anyone come up with a better name? It allows me to pee without my shorts or pants getting in the way and save the trouble for Raewyn and my caregiver Kim to help me put on or take off my pants up on the bed. The downside is I wonít be able to use it when being lifted on and off my wheelchair like when I fly. For those days Iíll wear shorts.
Speaking of flying, Iíve been a bit of a jetsetter going to San Francisco for 4 days, back for less than a week and then off to Maui for 10, no, 11 days. Maui had its ups and downs. The ups were enjoying the mid to high 70s temps, clear blue skies without a drop of rain, cooking and eating fabulous seafood dinners, checking out the bikinis on the beaches while Raewyn snorkelled, relaxed and read most of a book on an e-reader on loan from the library. To check out where my friend Terry windsurfs we also went to east side to the spectacular Hookipa Beach near Paia with where the pro windsurfers and kiteboaders hangout. She told me later sheís not good enough for that spot and windsurfs in front of the world renown Mamaís Fish House. Too expensive for our wallets but they have a great w/c friendly beach. Attached is a photo of an awesome Maui sunset.
The downs were having my w/c broken on the flight back from SF but Medichair picking it up, fixing it and returning it all within 2 hours the day before weíre off to Maui. During the flight to Maui the leg rest got mangled and one of the front caster caps was missing. With a little prying it was usable. On the flight back to Vancouver the joystick got bumped and became sporadically inoperable. If I turned the w/c on and off a dozen times and held my tongue just the right way, it may work. Very frustrating after being completing a six hour flight and it being midnight after our flight being delayed and finally cancelled at 3am. All the staff at United were awesome. They found us a hotel only a 1/4 of a mile down the road waiting in a lineup with 200 pissed off travellers. After arriving at the airport at 8pm, we finally got to bed at 4am. The bed mattress was too high for the portable lift we rented to get me on and off the bed. This forced me to sleep in my w/c which wasnít a bad thing. This was fine until the headrest mount broke. This prevented me from elevating my legs enough to get the swelling down in my feet. We used the hoist to lower me on a foam beach mattress to have a sponge bath but I couldnít use it for sleeping. The biggest down was half way through the holiday I got a very bad open wound in my groin area. Living and sleeping in my w/c  all the time with the hot and humid didnít help much for healing. Iím glad to report Iím not all better!
Now the other exciting news. After almost 4 months Russ, Bob and I have finished the plug and itís now ready to lay up hull no. 1. Today Iím now finished with filler, sandpaper, paint and hours, if not days of sanding to fair the hull. Yes, Iíve lied again and thereís just one more boat to build. Iíve got a lofty goal of winning or close to winning a major IOM event. I realize I donít have the skill myself to achieve this so Iím looking for a talented IOM sailor who wouldnít mind racing a no-name design. I hope Jan you agree to my offer. Jan wonít commit until he see the prototype sail. A wise man! If you turn me down Iíll have to ask Richard Clarke to do the dastardly deed. See attached picture. It doesnít show  the shape too well but with the rotisserie we made, thatís the best I could do. Thereís now a deadline of March to have PP4 ready. If I can talk my brother Bob into another road trip weíll be there.
Enough babbling. The tougher the obstacle Ė the more satisfaction! Life is grand!
unless otherwise stated views are my own.
bob Atkinson rtd