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progress from Canada


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Author Topic: progress from Canada  (Read 1803 times)

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progress from Canada
« on: May 19, 2013, 10:47:34 PM »





Hi Friends and Family,


First of all Iíd like to send my condolences to Andria and Richard on losing their friend Andrew Simpson, who tragically died in San Francisco training for the Americaís Cup! Iím sure you guys like so many of Andrewís friends and family are evaluating whatís really important in life as you never know when itís going to end. Over the last few weeks Iíve had an epiphany and
I now know what makes me tick or what motivates me. Iíve realized I enjoy the challenge and self-satisfaction when Iíve overcome an obstacle. The greater the challenge Ė the more satisfaction.


For about a year now Iíve realized what my passion and purpose in life are. I may have mentioned this in a previous update so I wonít bore you. As a lot of you, my passion is sailing. My purpose is to motivate others by sharing my ups and downs with friends and family. Iíve learnt Iím helping others in dealing with theirs. Itís a pretty scary feeling knowing what makes you tick and what your purpose is. This has motivated me to get back writing my book which has seen a few title changes over the years from No SSStorm Too SSStrong to The Glass IS Half Full, the power of a positive attitude, to I Did Ė You Can. Most people Iíve talked to like the first or second one. Which one do you like and why? Some of you will be getting an invite to contribute to it but more on that later.


Yesterday was an epic day for Cookie in many ways so hereís another personal update for reading and hopefully a little amusement and/or inspiration. Iíve been meaning to do one sooner but life has just been too darn busy! A few weeks ago I had two very exciting encounters with young adults! To protect their identity I will try to keep gender neutral and avoid names. A young adult phoned me asking me if they could come over for a visit. I first met them in 2000 when they were 16 and was a member of the Victoria Sailing Foundation, the charity I founded in 2000. VSFís mission was to assist youth at risk and people with disabilities in building their self-esteem. Most years I would get a Christmas card but many years ago we went our own paths in life. Recently they wanted to share some exciting news with me. They have started their own cleaning business. This is amazing when you think they had/have ADHD. This news was an awesome gift which told me Iíve affected someone young in such a positive way.


The other young person  in also in their 20s and Iíll describe as RK. RK approached me at the yacht club a couple of weeks ago and thanked me for the great updates. I looked at them and thought who the heck are you? The person introduced themselves to me and I right away realized they were a child of a friend of Bob Haines, a dear friend of mine who has been coming over to my shop for, get this, the last 5 years! I asked Bob if he forwarded my updates on to his friend and Bob said no. This told me my personal updates are getting a wider distribution than I thought and young people enjoy reading them. This thrills me to no end as I wanted to be a father but never will be. Based on the above, I now have a clear vision for my future. These, other factors and my niece Victoria suggesting I should start a Blog has motivated me to reserve a URL (website address domain) which will be announced at a later date.


As I grow older, more and more people tell me Iím their inspiration or hero. The first person to tell me this was Jill Robertson and that was 25 years ago. Jill is a friend and past crew member on my Hotfoot 27 Horizon. Another person who told me Iím their hero is Bruce Kirby. When someone who is in their 80s and is so well respected tells you this, it really makes you think and re-evaluate yourself. Iíve had other friends who are cancer survivors who have thanked me for being a good role-model in making the best of a bad situation.


Now the real exciting news. Yesterday the Cookie Robo Arm Mk 4 did its first powered test. A big thanks to my friends Barry Fox and John Neilson! I first met Barry and John in early March to discuss the idea of designing and building our own robotic arm. A couple of weeks ago I met with Brian Mackie, a friend and fellow has-been disabled sailor. Brian runs the Prosthesis Dept. at the Queen Alexandra (QA) Clinic. A few weeks ago I went to my doctor to get a referral so Brian and I could officially talk. Brian and I usually BS whenever I go to QA for wheelchair modifications. After working Bob, Russ and Randy to the bone the day before and morning of, I took Brian Robo Arm Mk 3 to show and tell him/you my plan. Brian was obviously impressed and took me back to his departmentís Ďbone yardí, the place where they keep old parts for future use. I felt like I was a kid in a candy store and wheeled away with lots of bionic bits and pieces like mechanical and electrical wrists and hands. With Johnís engineering and design, Barryís expertise in radio controls and servo motors, and Brianís freebie bionic parts, Cookieís Robo Arm is now a reality! Not bad considering I first started this project on March 3! See attached picture.


Yesterday also marked a huge event for me with Barry spray painting the colour and clear coat on Porky Pig version 4. The not-so-pretty pink PP4 is now racy purple with gold pearl metal-flake. Bob Bentham: I couldnít wait for you to get the colour code from your friend so I had Jim at JB Auto come up with my own version. I asked him to make the colour a huge wow! See the attached picture if you donít believe me.


Last week I had terrible news when my RG65 male plug spent the night outside, it rained and the red cedar swelled up showing the cracks between the planks. This was devastating for me as Iíve put my heart, soul and last remaining use of my arms into this boat project. The good news is after letting it dry out for a week and another week to go, seal the inside, resand yet again, she should be as good as before.


To show you visually what Iíve been doing for the last 12 months, Iíve attached a photo of PP4-2, my RG65 plug and a new and larger rudder Iím working on. To keep myself busy Iím also finalizing the design of PP5 which has people ready and waiting to buy.  As I mentioned to Raewyn at Beaver Lake a few months back during the launching of PP4, I must and will spend more time with you and our dog Rufus. Life is a balancing act and itís nice knowing who and whatís important to me.


Enough babbling.




unless otherwise stated views are my own.
bob Atkinson rtd